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Dear Creative CEO,

I’ve created something very special for you to help you on your path to being a full time Creative CEO.

I started my full time creative entrepreneurship journey back in 2016. I went from being a struggling server/bartender for 13 years to a self employed photographer making 6 figures consistently since 2018.

I have worked with dream clients like Sephora, Target and Ulta brands, among many other beauty, fashion and lifestyle companies.

Being a creative entrepreneur is such a fulfilling pursuit, but let’s be honest… It isn’t always the easiest especially if you don’t have a clear vision for what you want and how to get there.

I know the excitement and the challenges that comes with being a full time creative entrepreneur, and despite my old limiting beliefs I have found more success than I would have ever thought was possible for myself.

Years ago I never thought I’d have the strength or the confidence to be a creative entrepreneur.

I thought staying a server/bartender was the safest option for me.

Maybe right now you’re giving into the same fears like I did.

But if you sometimes have those little whispers telling you that you’re destined for bigger, more inspiring and creative things, then you’re in the right place.

Creatives no longer have to believe in the outdated assumptions that we’re all starving artists, or that we live in lack.

The stories of thriving creatives are more and more common, and I’m here to tell you that whatever you want, you can have, and I can show you exactly how to get it.

Here’s the deal though:

Your dreams don’t flow into your life just by chance. They flow into your life when you have clarity around your vision, and put in the action steps towards your goals.

It takes a lot of clarity, consistency, hard work, and determination to work towards your big goals as if they are already in your reality.

I have good news though! I have created a special workbook Goal Setting Guide to help you get clarity and create a plan for success.

Download the Guide

Download the Guide

Because if you have a plan, you have a roadmap, and when you feel secure with the direction you’re going you feel more motivated and energized.

When you feel that energy it motivates you to show up day after day.

The more you can visualize your goals, the more success you will find in all areas of your life, including your creative business.

I used to be so focused on what’s next, and what my next goal was that I didn’t even give myself a pat on the back for how far I had already come.

I eventually learned that this wasn’t a very motivating way to live and set goals.

I believe it’s such an important part of the process of goal setting to give yourself some credit for how far you’ve come, and be grateful for what you have now.

I’ve created this Goal Setting Guide to help you take stock of where you currently are, which includes recognizing everything you’re grateful for and have achieved thus far, so that you can learn from and appreciate where you’ve been and feel more motivated to go where you want to go.

After giving yourself some recognition and expressing gratitude then we’ll dive deeper into helping you explore what your BIG vision is, and the small actionable steps you can take to get there.

If the questions that I ask you in the workbook feel too overwhelming, I totally get it! They are big questions.

But I gently and firmly encourage you to spend some time with answering these questions.

Think of them throughout your day, and maybe journal through them if that works for you too.

Because the more time you spend with these questions, the more clarity you will find.

And clarity leads to life-changing results in your life and business.

When you, your business, and what you value are all in alignment that’s when you start to feel like you’re thriving.

When one of them is not prioritized, things can quickly fall out of sync.

Download the Guide

I hope you get the most out of this resource, and also have fun with it!

Plus I have a very special little bonus at the end.

As always, thanks for being here!



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