I am a photographer / designer / creative entrepreneur. The launch of this new site was inspired by the revelations I had in 2020. For me, 2020 was a year of reflection, transformation and a year that made my mission and values ultra clear to me. I spent a good amount of the year focusing my energy on what I stand for and how I want to show up in the world. Through all of this, I've discovered that my mission is to share beauty with the world; to be fully authentic with my gifts and my individual impact.

I'm Kelly Robyn

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With a focus on quality, innovation + efficiency, I am proud to have worked with Bliss World + Target + Algenist + Sephora + Unwash + Ulta + Lucky Brand + RoC Skincare, among other wonderful brands with my team.

I first developed my eye for beauty while shooting fashion photography in Paris + Berlin. After earning my BFA in graphic design I continued my international resumé by working for a design studio in the heart of London, England. Having a background in branding design, I always consider the client’s branding in my approach to photography. 

As a professional creative, I understand that it's not about my style, but it's about what the client needs and wants. My intention is never to press my own style onto any of my clients but to capture & amplify the essence of their own authentic personality & unique style. The results are always different because everyone is unique & has their own special vision. 

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I’m an LA woman, beauty + skincare obsessed photographer, designer, serial entrepreneur and a sponge for learning new things. 

As a beauty & product photographer, over the years I've had the chance to test so many different beauty, skincare and wellness products that I wanted to create a place where I can share all of my favorites with you.  

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EmpowHer programs serve to support middle school and high school girls in developing the necessary skills to boldly break ceilings, embrace their voices, engage in social justice, and end generational cycles of poverty.

Create Now’s mission is to empower the most vulnerable kids who are abused, neglected, orphaned, homeless, victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking from ages 3 to 24 through a variety of arts programs in multi-disciplines that help them to heal and thrive. Their goal is to assist them to get out of poverty and learn skills that can lead to jobs and careers.

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