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Get to know the real-truth about my origin story and discover my mission, vision and why. Plus the 5 pillars I focus on for success. 

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about Kelly

Born and raised in Orange County, California I spent most of my life feeling extremely creative, but a bit different and out of place. The O.C. expectations for my life looked like college, marriage, buy a home, and settle down in the same place I began; which felt like living in an uninspired bubble to me.

I knew my soul was craving so much more. So I worked two jobs during full time design school, and after college I sold and ditched everything I owned and started to design a different kind of life for myself in London, England. Living and working in London turned out to be the spark my creative soul needed and so much more. I learned how much I value my freedom, travel, and how important expressing my creativity is for my soul.

After my visa expired and I returned back to the States, I felt lost and it took many more years for me to finally stop playing small and get out of my own way. It actually took me getting fired to go from being a struggling waitress, to finally live my most fulfilling and creative life as a Creative CEO. I decided to start my own creative agency and have had the pleasure of creating for Sephora, Target and Ulta brands, among many other beauty, fashion, lifestyle and wellness companies.

Years ago I never thought I'd have the strength or confidence to be a creative entrepreneur, and maybe right now you're giving into the same fears like I did.

But if you sometimes have those little whispers telling you that you're destined for bigger, more inspiring and creative things, then you’re in the right place. I want for you to experience that spark your creative soul craves, along with more freedom, more wealth… more satisfaction, joy and fulfilment.

I'm here to tell you that whatever you want, you can have, and I’ll show you exactly how to get it.

and now my mission is...

To inspire and empower Creative CEO's to live the magical and abundant life they truly desire.

so if you want...

The excitement of owning your unique gifts + sharing them with the world.

To build your confidence + become who you've always wanted to become.

The ability to make more money than you ever have with your salary or tips.

To build an amazing team of people and reaching your big goals.

To have that dream photography studio you've always wanted.

To have long term relationships with your dream clients that respect you, your time and your work.

To feel inspired everyday to do what you love to do.

To have the freedom to create your own schedule so you can work from home or wherever you want.

The fulfillment of watching your business + your portfolio grow.

To inspire other creatives with your work + lifestyle.

then you're in the right place!

my vision

To inspire and empower Creative CEO's to understand their value, and to live out their big dreams in the most joyful and fulfilling way through my courses, blog, resources and mentorship.

my why

I never had a mentor, so I had to learn on my feet through years of trial and error. So I get that the road to success can feel lonely and confusing. It’s important for me to relate to others that I understand how it feels to struggle financially, to play small, to get in my own way, to be bullied, to lose people I love, for my big exciting dreams to completely shatter, for people close to me to doubt me and not support me, etc. But this has given me perspective for those that are having a hard time in life, and gave me the desire to help others through what I've gotten through. It’s now my mission to take all my gained experience and share it with others that may be just a few steps behind.

i focus on

five pillars


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