downtown los angeles

The Loft Studio DTLA is a dreamy loft space which boasts 12 foot ceilings, polished concrete floors, and fantastic natural light all day long thanks to the charming 50 foot wall of eight large southeast facing windows. This gorgeous, sun-drenched, open spaced DTLA loft will inspire you everywhere you look! This downtown studio is perfect for photo and video shoots including: Editorial, Fashion, Beauty, Portrait, Product, Headshot, Commercial, Film, Kickstarter, Video, Promotional, Documentary, TV series, Web Series, Podcast, YouTube, Instagram, etc. 

I created these windows with my mind before they existed in my reality. Hear me out, because I am living proof that we bring about what we think about.

After my visa expired in the UK, I was heart broken that my dream didn’t work out long term like I hoped. So I returned to the States with nothing but great memories + a pair of extremely worn Doc Martins. I had many identity crisis freak outs for the year to follow. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, or where I belonged. 

Feeling so stuck, I started to daydream + visualize myself in my dream reality. I started picturing myself in a big city again with the coolest loft, with a wall full of factory windows, high beam ceilings, cement floors, exposed pipes, the whole works!

I would close my eyes + imagine myself looking out a massive wall of factory windows that wrapped around my entire loft while natural light would flood in + splash against the walls. I started shifting my focus to instead of “one day I hope…” to acting as if I already had it + was so grateful to have it.

SIDE NOTE: While doing this I was working as a bartender in a small town brewery in mountain town of AZ trying to get back on my feet and save up my money to move back to LA. I just knew I was meant for bigger things. So I would dream + visualize them.

Clearly living in my dream loft in a big city was far from my reality at the time, but visualizing my ideal scene as if it already existed made it feel so much more possible. This created momentum because I could actually see where I wanted to go! Now when I look out my 50 foot wall of factory windows, I am reminded that I can create ANYTHING if I can see it clearly in my mind + so can you.

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