What is the Brand Guidelines template? A brand style guide is an incredibly helpful visual way to lay out the vibe and feel of your brand while also having a tool you can pass on to any designer who designs for you. This Brand Guidelines template covers all aspects of design including logo, color, type, web, social media and imagery. Pages, shapes, frames, colors, and photos can be deleted or moved around and like all of our templates, everything is fully editable! Imagine the ease of being able to send off one gorgeous document with all the goodies included that sum up the visual side of your brand. Whether you’ve created your own brand from scratch or you’re a design genius, this branding guide will be a reminder to keep your brand on point while serving as a tool to make sure that everyone knows exactly what’s “on brand” for you or your client.

How do I use it? Open the template in Adobe Indesign or Photoshop and replace the content with your own. Either send it to print or save it as a pdf and email it to the client. These templates include text too so you have a guide on what to write where!

What can I customize? You can move, edit or change all the elements in our templates. The colors are fully editable so you can change the palette to suit your need.

Do the templates include the photographs? No, the photographs are for illustrative purposes only.

Fonts: The template uses free fonts and links to the fonts are included inside the download.